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Fostering a culture of environmental responsibility 

We are excited to announce the launch of our Green Group as part of our commitment to supporting the Welsh Government’s target to net-zero by 2050. The newly launched group is set to play a pivotal role in not only raising awareness but also actively engaging in sustainable practices to mitigate the impact of climate change. 

Businesses across Wales are increasingly recognising the need to take proactive measures. By establishing the group, we are dedicated to instilling eco-friendly practices within our operations and the wider community. Our focus is to foster a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainability, steering us towards a greener future. 

The group aims to educate its employees, learners and businesses about the importance of sustainability, climate change, and the role each individual can play. Identifying small changes that can have a positive impact on the environment.  

Kathryn Wing, Quality and Compliance Director at Educ8 said, “It is vital for businesses to understand and shape their impact on the local economy, community and the environment. Educ8 want to equip our workforce, learners and employers with the tools, resources and motivation to contribute to a greener, better future.   

Along with our new green skills apprenticeship, we are excited to be investing in ideas and initiatives that will have a positive and long-term effect on these areas.” 

Our brand-new Energy and Carbon Management apprenticeship aims to identify skills gaps but also contribute to helping businesses and learners make greener decisions. With modules including Energy Procurement, Community Engagement and Analysis of Energy Consumption, learners will be well equipped to ensure businesses thrive and grow, improving operational efficiency and cutting wastage costs. 

After attending last week’s Wales’ Climate Week 2023 conference, Rowan Flindall-Shayle, Trainer Coach and Vice Chair of the Green Group said, “It was great to hear the panel recognise the importance of apprenticeships and the role they play in developing skills for net-zero.  

Coming together to discuss these opportunities will benefit not only individuals seeking to enhance their skills and adapt to the demands of a net-zero future but also contribute significantly to our collective efforts in addressing the pressing challenges of climate change.” 

Sustainability and social awareness are already a big part of teaching and learning at Educ8 Training Group. All learners have access to these modules through Moodle as part of their qualification, while staff members undergo environmental impact training as part of their induction.  

Working together with climate charity Cynall Cymru further reinforces the Group’s commitment to maintaining an updated and comprehensive sustainable strategy. This partnership also ensures that Educ8’s approach remains not only relevant but also aligns with the latest advancements in environmental best practices.  

Emily Wilton, Health and Safety/Human Resources Lead and Chair of the Green Group said, “Educ8 Group have achieved the Green Dragon Level 3 which means we, as a group, understand, monitor and improve our impacts on the climate by being more sustainable.  

The Green Group will support the Green Dragon Audit and the organisations 3 key objectives to ensure that we reduce our energy consumption and make better sustainable choices with the support of our employers and learners”.  

Combining awareness, sustainable practices, community engagement and supporting the Welsh Government’s target to achieving net-zero, Educ8 are inspiring positive change and welcome both employees and wider stakeholders to share best practice.  

If you’d like to find out more about our green apprenticeship and how they can benefit your business visit – Energy and Carbon Management – Educ8 ( 

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