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Apprenticeship Employer Incentive Programme
14 08 17

We are excited to be involved in the Apprenticeship Employer Incentive Programme which provides support for SMEs to recruit apprentices aged 16-19. The Welsh Government funded programme, which launched on 1st August, will also help provide individuals and employers with the skills needed over the long-term and prevent skills shortages.         

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Engineering a Skilled Workforce
04 08 17

Now more than ever, engineering firms are presented with a huge opportunity when it comes to recruiting fresh new talent into their organisations.  Recent changes to the way that Apprenticeships are funded means that the programmes are accessible to individuals of all ages, the number of Apprentices that any organisation can take on is unlimited, and there is no financial cost associated with the programmes (notwithstanding the Levy fee that is paid by larger firms).

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Entrepreneurship As A USP
04 07 17

Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs have long been the subject of many studies from Eton to Harvard and indeed Moscow to China.  Are they born or are they made? What are the fundamentals that make an Entrepreneur? What is without doubt, however, is the impact that an entrepreneurial spirit can have on local communities and businesses.

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Apprenticeships: A Solution To The Skills Gap In Wales?
04 06 17

Apprenticeships are on the rise in Wales- slowly but surely employers are realising the potential that work based learning offers in relation to filling organisational skills gaps and attracting and retaining the best talent on offer.  The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy on 6th April 2017 has definitely created a new stimulus for employers to engage in Apprenticeship programmes as they are keen to gain some benefit from this new UK Government-driven employment tax. 

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How Effective Leadership Can Transform Organisational Performance
04 05 17

We are all generally aware of the positive impact that effective leadership has on employee engagement and ultimately, organisational success.  Nevertheless, too many organisations still waste thousands, and in some case, millions, of pounds every year by appointing the wrong people into leadership positions, or by not developing them to become effective leaders.