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How To Be A Leader In Challenging Times
14 05 18

A period of business uncertainty is the perfect opportunity to build your team’s resilience, facilitate growth in their skills and improve the team’s overall performance. Here are some leadership approaches you can take to ensure your team thrives during challenging times:

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4 Easy Ways To Motivate Your Team
03 05 18

It’s an important task of any leader to create a positive and collaborative work environment for their team. Many factors can influence motivation and performance, from organisational change to a period of low sales. Ensuring success and productivity through these periods is more likely if you positively motivate your team.

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How Educ8 Made The Times Top 100 Small Companies List For The Fourth Year In A Row
18 04 18

The Educ8 team are extremely proud to have been listed in the Times Top 100 Small Companies to Work once again this year! We believe that the reason we’ve make the list four years in a row lies with our exceptional delivery of training courses in a myriad of areas, from Childcare to Engineering and Manufacturing.

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Leveraging The Soft Skills Of Yourself And Your Team
16 04 18

Business is changing. Gone are the traditional business structures and management hierarchies. Modern business is flatter, more innovative and dynamic. Whereas leaders with strong technical skills thrived in classical management structures, today it’s essential leaders show well-developed soft skills for business success.

On our LEAD21 Level 3 and Level 5 ILM courses, we expose managers and aspiring managers to both hard and soft skills, core to the development of the modern business leader.

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What Type Of Leader Are You? Discover More About Your Leadership Style On LEAD21
19 03 18

Your leadership style is your unique stamp on your role as manager in your organisation. How you approach tasks like problem-solving, delegation and motivation all reflect your values and perspective.

Reflecting on your leadership style has many benefits and will move your career forward. Learning your preferred leadership approach will help you recognise the characteristics of your team, resulting in more effective channels of communication that benefit individuals, teams and the business.