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There are many options open to school leavers over the age of 16 – but if sixth-form, college, or university isn’t right for your child, an apprenticeship could be a great next step to a career path they’re interested in and will enjoy.

Welsh Government is committing to 125,000 all-age apprenticeships. So, if your child is 16 or over they can take advantage of the fantastic opportunity that fully-funded apprenticeships offer.

Educ8 offers a range of qualifications to help your child learn the practical skills and knowledge they need to build a successful career. These qualifications range from Level 2 (equivalent to 5 GCSEs) to Level 5 (Foundation degree), allowing your child to build their skills and progress. And we even support learners through essential skills in maths and English.

With our apprenticeships in Wales, your child can receive paid, hands-on experience and training. Helping them to find the right learning for their future development.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

The opportunities that apprenticeships provide are one of the many reasons why it’s such a popular way of getting on the career ladder.

One of the most obvious benefits of your child becoming an apprentice is that they can earn while they learn. Your child will be employed, will get a salary and be paid holidays while they develop the skills and experience they need. And unlike university courses, the training is fully funded by Welsh Government, so there’s no cost to you or your child.

Your child can choose from a wide range of apprenticeships in a huge variety of industries. And with the potential to progress in their role and do further qualification levels, they’re a great career booster. Your child can grow and thrive in a career they love, as well as building experience, skills and professional contacts that can help in any work environment.


Apprenticeships in Wales FAQs for Parents

What age do you have to be for an apprenticeship?

Welsh Government has committed to 125,000 all-age apprenticeships, so if your child is 16 or over they can take advantage of the fantastic opportunity that fully funded apprenticeships offer

What types of apprenticeship are available for my child?

The apprenticeships we provide span a wide range of industries that your child can choose from to find a career that’s right for them. From animal care qualifications to our health and social care apprenticeships, they can get a head-start in all sorts of businesses. And many of our courses, like our Digital Marketing apprenticeship or our Customer Service apprenticeship, are relevant to a variety of business

How can I get my child started with an apprenticeship?

Your child needs to find an employer before they can begin an apprenticeship. However, we have a number of vacancies they can apply for to get them started. Simply visit the vacancies page here to find all the information you need.

To get an apprenticeship in Wales, your child will need to apply directly to the employer in the same way that they’d apply for any other job. If their application is successful, they’ll be asked to attend an interview so the employer can find out a bit more about them and whether they’ll be suitable for the role. If they’re successful, we’ll agree the details of the apprenticeship training with the employer.
Your child will start with their on-the-job training and earn a wage while they study. 97% of our learners state that their Educ8 apprenticeship has developed their skills and knowledge and helped them in their job role and career.

Will my child have a job at the end of the apprenticeship?

Many businesses go on to offer the apprentice a role at the end of their apprenticeship training. But with the new skills they’ve developed, your child will also be in a stronger position to find a new job with a different employer.
They may even choose to do another apprenticeship at a higher level with the same employer. Alternatively they may find a vacancy with one of our other employers so they can broaden their experience even further.

Can my child do an apprenticeship if they’ve already started university?

University isn’t right for everyone, so if your child has had a change of heart, an apprenticeship might be a better option for them. And it’s a common misconception that apprenticeships are just for those aged 16 to 19. In fact, there’s no upper age limit, so if your child wants a change in direction, they can apply for an apprenticeship at any time to get started on the path to their dream job.

Why Choose Educ8 Training?

Educ8 is one of only ten providers that has a contract to deliver fully funded apprenticeships through Welsh Government. And, with 94% of our apprentices rating Educ8 ‘Good to Excellent’, you can be confident that your child’s future is in safe hands.

With a passion for supporting learners, Educ8 offers a wide range of apprenticeships (from Level 2 to Level 5), each designed to help your child reach their full potential and gain the key skills that businesses are looking for.

Our reputation for providing quality learning and development means we’ll support your child throughout their apprenticeship. All of our apprentices are taught by experts who are qualified and passionate about their subject area. We even support learners through essential skills in maths and English.

Once your child has successfully completed their apprenticeship, they’ll benefit from a nationally recognised qualification, valued by employers across vocational sectors. Plus, they’ll have gained all the work experience, skills, and confidence they need to benefit both themselves and their employer. To recognise their achievement, they’ll even be invited to our annual Gradu8 ceremony to help celebrate their success!

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